Bhikkhu’s Rules: A Guide for Laypeople, by Bhikkhu Ariyesako


Bhikkhu’s Rules is based off of the Buddha’s manual for how to be a monastic, the Vinaya. In particular, it is based off of the Theravadin tradition in Thailand, a country where there are signs on the metro suggesting you give your seat to traveling monks.

Even if you have no intention of becoming a monk, Bhikkhu’s Rules is useful in laying out many of the natural conclusions of dedicated spiritual life. If you read between the lines of the particular practices, it is possible to get a very earthy flavor for what spiritual life is all about.

Monastic texts such as this are good even for the lay reader because books like this are rules, but they also are practices. At its root, this is a book about living spiritual life, not just thinking it.

So even if monastic life is not in your future, books such as Bhikkhu’s Rules can be helpful in showing how spiritual ideas can actually be put into practice.

And since spiritual life is meant to be lived, not talked about, Bhikkhu’s Rules almost is essential reading.

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