Can One Be Scientific and Yet Spiritual, by Swami Budhananda

Can One Be Scientific and Yet Spiritual?

The author explores the question of whether science and religion can go together. From the standpoint of Vedanta, the answer is a definite yes. Science and religion will meet and shake hands. -From the publisher

There are not a lot of books that respect both science and religion from a Vedanta perspective, so this is a valuable volume. It suffers a bit from its writing style, and there are a couple chapters that should be ignored or humored at best. But overall it is a valuable book for the person who both believes in rigorous science and rigorous spirituality. Despite its inadequacies, it does fulfill its goal. -Peter Kowalke

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  1. by Kalhan

    On July 26, 2012

    To appreciate the common ground ,in a way, between the physical science and the science of spirituality (Vedanta) is,BOTH BELONGS TO MAN who is INFINITE , in essence (Tat Tvam Asi=You Are THAT=INFINITE)(Chandogya Upanisad,and it is one of the four Maha Bakya, Great Utterance ).For he can think GOD who is infinite.Physical Science is also INFINITE in essence, but it is in ‘Sense’ realm and so it is in the relative domain and it also belongs to The Man who can expand, infinitely, in this domain, endlessly.Spiritual Science or The Vedanta is the Transcendental Science relating the Inner Universe of Man.Physical Science is in the Outer Universe of Man.”MAN” is the common ground.
    (Law of Physics is applicable in the outer/sense world of man, Law of Vedanta/Spirituality is applicable in the inner world of Man,but,meeting point is ‘MAN’ again).
    But,the great thinkers in physics became deeply thoughtful when they discovered
    The Law of Uncertainty, in the measurement field of subatomic particles like
    Electron (location at a moment, speed, spin etc.) it was always ‘Uncertain’,
    Finding that, it was not possible, objectively, ever ,there was , always, a
    ‘subjective’ component , as if, in a way, presence of the observer/experimenter
    influenced the data generated. In a simple language, it is never possible to ‘know’
    the ‘exact’ location of the electron, with reference to an pre-assigned coordinate
    system. That was an indication of the mixed-mode (outer world=physics and the
    inner world=subjective entity=MAN, an indication of the meeting ground of
    Transcendental Science=Vedanta=Religion=Spirituality and The Physical Science,
    The ‘Sense’ driven science.)

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