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Jesus Christ and VedantaAmerican Vedanta has deep roots in Christianity because the American culture is predominantly a Judeo-Christian culture.

Truth is truth no matter how you look at it, but to make truth relevant we must wrap it in our culture and then further wrap it in our personal culture. When we take abstract truth and particularize it for our life and the world we live in, then truth and Vedanta are relevant and useful.

American Vedanta is nothing more than Vedanta wrapped in an American culture so it is more useful to people who live with and internalize this American culture. Because American culture is heavily Christian, American Vedanta is therefore quite Christian in its outlook. There are many natural bridges between Christianity and Vedanta on this site even if some of the core Vedanta tenets sound un-Christian on first glance. A deeper reading reveals that Vedanta and Christianity arrive at the same goal by way of slightly different paths.

A few notable Christians who bridge the gap between Vedanta and Christianity include Trappist monk Thomas Merton, Carmelite saint Teresa of Avila, Dominican priest Meister Eckhart (the person who inspired internationally-renowned spiritual author Ulrich Tolle to change his name to Eckhart Tolle), as well as the early Christian monks/hermits known as the Desert Fathers. More Christian thinkers who bridge the gap can be found in the Wikipedia section on Christian Mysticism.

For more on why all paths ultimately lead to the same end, read our essay on “One Truth, Many Paths.”

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