Curing Bad Luck

Bad luck
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By Meister Eckhart

It must be understood we are never out of God’s favor, but the mind is sometimes lacking in perception and is very apt to imagine that God has passed it by.

Then what is to be done? Exactly the same as you would do if you were in the greatest comfort. Learn not to vary in the depths of woe but to behave in every way the same. Man’s best chance of finding God is to look in the place where he left him. As it was with you when you last had him, let it be now while you have lost him—then you shall find him.

Goodwill never loses, never misses God at any time.

People often say, “We have goodwill.” Theirs is not God’s will, though; they want to have their own way and dictate to God to do so and so. That is not goodwill. We must find out from God what his will is.

Broadly speaking, what God wills is that we should give up willing. Saint Paul’s friendly conversation with our Lord, who spoke freely with him, availed him nothing till he surrendered his own will and said, “Lord, what wilt thou that I do?” Our Lord well knew what he had to do.

So, too, when the angel appeared before our Virgin Mary. Nothing she had so far done or said would ever have made her the Mother of God, but the moment she gave up her will, she became the true mother of the eternal God’s Word: suddenly she conceived God. He was her natural son.

There is no making of a proper man without surrender of the will. In fact, unless we give up our will without reserve, we cannot work with God at all.

But suppose it came about that we did give up our own will altogether and had the heart to rid ourselves of every single thing inside and out for God. Then we would have accomplished everything, and not before.

Of such people few are to be found. Knowingly or unknowingly they want something definite, some experience of higher things. They are set on this condition or that boon. It is nothing whatever but self-will. Abandon to God altogether your self and all things without any qualms as to what he will do with his own. There are thousands of people dead and gone to heaven who never really gave up their own wills.

There is no true and perfect will until, entering wholly into God’s will, a man has no will of his own. The more this is the case with him, the more—and the more safely—he is established in God. One Ave Maria said thus with self-forgetfulness is better than a thousand said without; better one step in this way than a journey overseas in any other.

One who has quite done like this with everything of his is so safe in God that in order to get to him we must reckon with God first, for he is right in God with God all around him, as my cowl is around my head, and any person laying hands on me will first come in contact with my habit. Likewise when I drink, the drink has first to pass my tongue. There the drink is tasted. If my tongue is coated with bitterness, then however sweet the wine is in itself, it will be sour to me.

The fact is that a man, once he escapes for good from his possessions, is surrounded with God. Creatures cannot touch him without first encountering God, and anything must go by way of God to reach him. In doing so, the creature gets a flavor of God and becomes divine.

Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) was a German Dominican priest whose preaching was greatly popular during his own life and whose work continues today to play an important role for people seeking a direct connection with God.

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