Finding Grace at the Center: The Beginning of Centering Prayer, by M. Basil Pennington and Thomas Keating

Finding Grace at the Center

Centering Prayer is meditation in the Christian tradition. While meditation has a long and well understood history in Vedanta and other Eastern religions such as Buddhism, the Christian version of meditation has largely been forgotten or ignored.

Finding Grace at the Center takes the classic Christian text on meditation, The Cloud of Unknowing, and makes it accessible to the average reader who does not want to wade through texts several hundreds of years old. It takes something seemingly foreign, communion with God through meditation, and places it firmly in the Christian tradition as a native practice developed by luminaries like St. John of the Cross and honed by more recent Christian luminaries such as Trappist monk and author, Thomas Merton (Merton is widely credited with coining the term “centering prayer”).

Reflections and advice on Centering Prayer’s possibilities—and its pitfalls—are presented with clarity and simplicity, with a vision of the deeper life of the soul that contemplative prayer can bring about.

Finding Grace at the Center explains:

  • The prayer of The Cloud of Unknowing
  • Posture and relaxation
  • The three simple rules of Centering Prayer
  • How to cultivate Centering Prayer throughout all aspects of your life

For those who know Vedanta or Buddhist meditation, Finding Grace at the Center will be startlingly familiar while coming from a Christian foundation. For those of the Christian faith, the book will place a seemingly foreign practice firmly within their own spiritual tradition without having to smooth over differences or perform intellectual gymnastics.

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