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New Western Bhakti Yoga

New Western Bhakti Yoga is a path to God, an active approach to finding Oneness in the here and now that is particularly well-suited for Christians and the Western mind.

There are many paths to God, including science and all of the major world religions. Advaita Vedanta, which is at the core of what we call “American Vedanta,” defines four major paths for finding God: knowledge, meditation, work, and love. New Western Bhakti is an approach to finding God through love that draws heavily on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Because it pulls heavily from Christ, New Western Bhakti will feel familiar to many raised with Christianity or exposed to Western values and ethics.

New Western Bhakti Yoga is losing yourself to God through the love of God’s creations. It is love thy neighbor as thyself until the difference between thy self and thy neighbor disappears and all that is left is the Oneness of God. Instead of connecting in one step with the unfathomable largeness of God, you glimpse the Oneness of all creation gradually through intense love and identification with other people. As love and the sense of self expands beyond the body and one’s family to include all of creation, the “I” recedes and is replaced by identification and oneness with God.

Neither new nor actually “Western,” New Western Bhakti Yoga is a modern version of a spiritual discipline continuously practiced and refined for more than 4,000 years. It is nuanced and rigorous but easy to follow because it builds off what we already intuitively know, love, and brings us a little closer to God every day.

Learn more about New Western Bhakti from our Weekly Worship, or contact Peter Kowalke for individual guidance if you think this spiritual discipline might be right for you.

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